My life as an Artist

A while ago my boyfriend called me in the middle of the day. He wondered what I was doing. Are you working? he asked. Yes, I answered and the rest of the conversation went something like this:

– Yeah? What are you drawing?
– A duck, smoking crack. Or quack. He’s a quackhead.
– Sounds great! Any other pl… what is that?
– What is what?
– What’s that you’re eating?
– Toast..
– Is that a grilled cheese sandwich?
– Yes.
– And are you.. are you drinking chocolat milk?!
– Maybe.. Yes.
– Wow.. You draw all day and have grilled cheese and chocolat milk for lunch. You do know that you’re 25 years old, right?
– I know. Isn’t it great?!
– Yeah.. It’s pretty amazing.

And it really is. It really is amazing. Just thought you should know. Life of an artist

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